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Pipeliners Local Union 798

Chartered in 1949, Pipeliners Local 798 is a trade union that provides the highest quality of pipeline Welders to contractors across the country. Pipeliners Local 798 represents individuals with a high skill level who weld together the various sections of oil and gas pipelines.

Pipeliners Local 798

P.O. Box 470798

4823 S. 83rd East Avenue

Tulsa, OK  74147

Office: (918) 622-1900


Business Manager

Danny Hendrix

Email: danny@local798.org


Financial Sec.,Treas.

Justin Wallace

Office: (918) 610-2749

Mobile: (918) 510-8948

E-Mail: jwallace@local798.org



Ricky Jones

Office: (918) 610-2761

E-Mail: rickyjones@local798.org


Pipeline Industry Benefit Fund

P.O. Box 4709550

Tulsa, OK 74147

Office: (918) 280-4800



Renee Vause


Training Director

Farron Hollabaugh

E-Mail: farron@pibf.org