The basics

by MiMM
Published on: October 1, 2012

When growing indoors, remember that you’re goal is to make your room like outdoors.

This can be a time and cost consuming effort. And it’s why some patients choose to employ a caregiver.

First analyze your space and needs. To keep within the law, you are allowed 12 plants in various stages of growth. You need a room for plants to grow and a room for plants to flower. You always want some plants growing while some are flowering while some are germinating while some are curing. You can do this with two areas. One devoted to seed or clone startings as well as the vegetative cycle of your plants. One devoted to the flowering cycle.

You can read all sorts of different soil, feed, water and light opinions. I will say for ultimate production, it is all dependent upon the strain. While all pot likes very similar growing medium, you can tweak the process if you stick with one strain to make that strain grow faster and harvest quicker.

Hydroponics is a little more expensive to set up than soil if cost is an issue.

When it comes to lights, florescents are suitable for startings and can even be used for vegetation if they’re big enough and you can adjust them so they’re always close to your plants.

Metal Halide is preferable for vegetative growth. They come in a variety of wattages and styles.

Sodium is preferable for the flowering cycle. Like MHs, they come in a large variety and styles.

While florescent lighting doesn’t dispel enough heat to worry about, Metal Halide and Sodium do. You need a way to vent the heat from your rooms. There are several methods to do this. But an exhaust fan (or fans) is a good start.

Speaking of fans, you should employ circulatory fans. Remember – we’re trying to make this like outside, and outside there is wind. Besides, circulation fans help to keep your plants healthy by supplying some resistance and keep down the dangers of mold. There are mold spores everywhere. And they’re just looking for a place to live and multiply. So keep your humidity down with fresh air moving.

Since this is about “the basics”, we won’t go into the many different thoughts of nutrients and supplements. Just find some multi-purpose plant food (ie. Miracle Grow) and use at half strength as needed.

Plants have a way of letting you know what they need. Don’t over-water, don’t over-feed, don’t over-heat, don’t …. look for miracles. Just be kind to your plants so they can be the kind of plants you need.

That’s it for now. We’ll update this with more info as soon as someone lets us know what’s missing.

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