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We get our seeds and suggest you get yours at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. They're the only seed store that I've always got what I ordered. Besides, when you purchase from them, you help support us (since the link supplied is our affiliate link - so if you purchase something, we get a small percentage). Since prices vary, simply visit Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds for accurate pricing.

The price in the corner says $200. But they have seeds for much less than that. The software requires us to input a price. So we chose $200 for great pot seeds because they don't sell any that cost that much. Some are over $100. But most are around fifty bucks.

Happy growing! And - remember to ask a question if you need help with your grow.

If you can't find what you're looking for at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, head over and see our good friends at Nirvana. They're the only other seedbank we can safely recommend.


As you can see in our article Strongest Strains, Tutankhamon is the strongest cannabis available in terms of THC content. Since our usual seed bank doesn't carry Tutankhamon, we're listing where we purchased our Tutankhamon seeds. You can buy Tutankhamon here for MMMP patients and caregivers.

Buy pot seeds for MMMP patients and caregivers from the same place we get ours.

Price: $200.00

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  1. MiMM says:

    NOTICE: The “Price: $200.00” bit is because the ecommerce software we use requires us to input a price. Actual prices will vary, and likely be much less.

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