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We get our seeds and suggest you get yours at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. They’re the only seed store that we’ve always got what we ordered. And we’ve put dozens of seed banks to the test. Besides, when you purchase from them, you help support us (Since the link supplied is our affiliate link – so if you purchase something, we get a small percentage of the total sale. This doesn’t affect your pricing at all. It basically boils down to, they pay us for sending you to their site. Not much. But every little bit helps). Since prices vary, simply visit Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds for current pricing.

Happy growing! And – remember to ask a question if you need help with your grow.

UPDATE: We’ve recently entered into a relationship with Nirvana. They have a wide selection of medical marijuana seeds. In fact, I purchase all my white strains from Nirvana.

Between Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds and the Nirvana Seed Bank you’ll find something you and/or your patients will love. These two seed banks are all you need to know to purchase the best medical and recreational marijuana seeds you’ll ever need.





Seeds for MMMP
MMMP Seeds
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