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by MiMM
Published on: October 1, 2012

Are you growing on your own land, or engaging in gorilla farming on someone else’s?

Even when we’re growing legal herb, our land may be a poor choice. Weed is something that’s going to be stolen if you’re not careful. So if you have nearby neighbors, live in the city or just don’t want to be a target, you might want to explore gorilla farming. Since I won’t condone gorilla farming here, I’ll just suggest that you can Google the term. In fact, I doubt we can condone growing pot outdoors at all. Since the MiMMP requires that your or your patient’s plants need to be under lock and key, it’s kind of hard to fulfil that requirement when you marijuana outdoors.

Just remember that wherever you grow, there may be times that nutrients and water become a necessity for bountiful harvest. So try to keep those options open.

Should you use seeds, or starter plants?

To me, it depends on preference. While some folks like the surprise of seed growth, others are inclined to know what they have where.

I do a mixture of both. I have some seeds that I know are female and are auto-flowering. These can go directly into mother earth.

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