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General MMMP (Michigan Medical Marihuana Program) pot and growing information. Information that doesn’t fit in any other category regarding the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act and subsequent Michigan Medical Marijuana Program.

2012 Cannabis Cup Winners

by MiMM
Published on: January 17, 2013

                                 High Times Cannabis Cup 2012 – The 25th Awards (The Founders Cup). Nov. 18th till 22nd – Amsterdam, The Netherlands In Amsterdam, in the third week of November the Judges of the Cannabis Cup will choose once again the  … READ MORE

A Step-By-Step Guide to Cloning

by MiMM
Published on: January 5, 2013

Cloning Here is a step by step method for cloning, its is simple, very consistent (about 95%) and best of all under 20$!!!!! Actually about $12.00 you need a bag of perlite, one of vermiculite, Rootone, and a clear storage box 18L x 10W x 6T,and some “pony pac” containers (these are cheap container for  … READ MORE

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

by MiMM
Published on: January 4, 2013

Growing Cannabis Outdoors Tom, an American, is one of the most successful growers I have ever interviewed. His methods are extremely simple and easy. He is a smart, lazy man who pays attention to Mother Nature. Tom’s complete and simple understanding of plant growth makes him a very successful guerilla grower. These simple concepts are  … READ MORE

Topping, Pruning and Bending Cannabis Marijuana Plants

by MiMM
Published on: January 3, 2013

Topping, pruning, and bending are all methods marijuana growers use to alter the growth pattern of cannabis. We’ll explain them here. Pruning Marijuana Pruning is the removal of unwanted, often dead foliage. Pruning away old yellowing leaves helps to preserve the health of the garden. Never remove healthy leaves! Pruning marijuana is also done to  … READ MORE

Tips on Growing Good Marijuana Plants for the MMMP

by cheesecake
Published on: January 3, 2013

This guide was written by my good friend, Andrew. He doesn’t use the Internet, but thought he’d like to share his thoughts on the topic of growing good marijuana plants for MMMP patients and caregivers. With that said, and in Andrew’s words, here’s how he says to do it.   Basic instructions to start growing  … READ MORE

Cannabis Growing Guide

by MiMM
Published on: January 3, 2013

OVERVIEW There are few things in life as good as your own herb, grown by yourself at home out in the garden and indoors in pots… Oregano, Dill, Basil, Sage and other herbs are all easy to grow. Mint will take over the whole yard if you let it. Fresh mint and cilantro are incredible  … READ MORE

How to Grow Marijuana

by cheesecake
Published on: January 2, 2013

How to grow marijuana from cuttings What you’ll need to grow marijuana: You need a room or container at least 5 feet wide x 10 feet long and 5 feet high. (The attic or cellar maybe). If you’re using metric and you don’t know how long a foot is, try using the thing on the  … READ MORE

Closet Marijuana Growing Guide

by cheesecake
Published on: January 1, 2013

If growing pot in a closet is your choice or by necessity, here’s some information to help you out. The place you would grow your plants would have to be adequate for your plants overall ending size. For most plants this can tend to be anywhere from an area of 1’x1′ floor space and 3′  … READ MORE

Guide To Growing Marijuana

by MiMM
Published on: January 1, 2013

This is a beginner’s guide to growing marijuana that puts everything in plain and simple English, and doesn’t go too deep into advanced gardening. This is one of the best beginner’s guide to growing marijuana plants available. And it’s free for you to use or share. Indoor Marijuana Cultivation Introduction: Growing marijuana indoors is the  … READ MORE

Questions about the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program

by MiMM
Published on: September 30, 2012

Where do I get my pot? Medical marijuana is a class 3 drug and therefore can’t be distributed by the FDA. You are allowed to grow your own or assign a caretaker to grow your plants for you. So, if I’m sick, I can grow some dope and smoke as I see fit? Not exactly.  … READ MORE

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