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by MiMM
Published on: December 20, 2013

We’re happy to announce we’ve entered into relationship with another great marijuana seed bank. Nirvana Shop is where I’ve purchased all my white strains. They have a large collection of medicinal and recreational cannabis. You can spend an entire day browsing their vast assortment of marijuana seeds supplied by popular breeders.

While Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds remains my favorite, the addition of Nirvana makes this site your one stop shop for cannabis seeds.

They all offer discreet shipping. They understand the plight of those of us that can legally hold and use marijuana, but can’t legally purchase it or seeds to grow it.

In fact, I remember once receiving some gardening gloves in the mail that I didn’t order. I nearly threw them away but thought I’d better see if the wife could use them first. She went to try one on and SURPRISE there were seeds inside. I’d list all the different ways I’ve received seeds from these seed banks, but I’m afraid Customs is already going to start opening every package that appears to be a pair of gloves! :)

We wouldn’t recommend a seed bank if we hadn’t already tested them to trust them. We’ve tested others. But it’s those we list here that have shown they deliver what they offer. And  together offer any seed you’ve ever heard of and several you’ve never heard of – But always top grade. Unless, of course, you’re looking for something nostalgic that doesn’t have the high THC and CBD levels that today’s cannabis breeders continue to improve on. But I’ve never received anything that wasn’t exactly as it was advertised to be.

You can shop with confidence. We’ve taken the worry out of the equation for you by testing them over and over again. It’d probably be prudent of us to list those seed banks we’ve had unfavorable results from. But that’d only help us vent. And we’re here to help you. Happy MMMP Seeds Shopping!


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