Welcome to the MiMMP informational site.

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Talk web site is here to provide you with information regarding the MMMP of the MMMA. The information supplied within is useful for medical marijuana patients and caregivers. We explain the process for getting your user’s or grower’s card, help you in securing products, and offer guidance on growing and care of medical marijuana.

We’ve included a quick Questions and Answers Guide regarding the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program here.

Visit our MMMP Question / Answer section where you can ask all your cannabis growing questions. And you can contribute and answer growing questions as well.

To grow medicinal cannabis, you need seeds for sowing. We can show you how to get cannabis seeds if you’re a MMMP patient or caregiver. Just click the Cannabis Seeds link in the header navigation and choose from hundreds of strains.

Any questions? Just ask! :)

We are all about the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program. In association with our parent site at Michijuana.com, we provide MMMP information and how to legally obtain product if you’re a patient. If you’re a provider of Michigan Medical Marijuana, we have help for you too!

The MMMP (Michigan Medical Marihuana Program) is defined within the MMMA (Michigan Medical Marihuana Act of 2008).





All of the information contained within is NOT exclusive to MiMMtalk.com. You will find advice from a wide assortment of contributors. Just read similar ones and decide for yourself which system will work best for you.

As all submissions are not policed or verified, if you find your work printed on this site, please contact us so we can give credit or remove it.

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